Recently, I was at my landlord’s place signing up a lease for another year at my lovely apartment and instead of coming in through her front door as usual, she brought me in through her garage. All the doors were open on the way in, but on the way out they were closed so I opened the wooden internal access door, did not realise or see that there was also a screen door and walked smack bang into it. In front of my landlord. So hard that I bounced off it and now have shiny red marks on my forehead and left hand to remember the experience by šŸ˜‚

After the shock of bouncing off a screen door in front of my landlord of all people wore off, I had a little epiphany while laughing about it on the drive home.

Quite often in life, we’re bouncing off things that we don’t realise are in our way. Most of these things aren’t literal physical barriers like my rogue screen door was, but stuff like thinking we don’t deserve to have nice things, or we need to work harder so we can justify taking time for ourselves, or that even though we’re feeling trapped and constrained by the societal expectations we’ve had ingrained into us all of our lives, we feel guilty about wanting something different.

And while the solution to my screen door problem was to simply use the handle to open it once I realised it was there, it’s not always easy to do the same thing with the invisible barriers we bounce off of on a regular basis, even once you know they’re there.

That’s why I love travel coaching, because I get to show people how they can use solo travel to open their metaphorical screen doors and leave those invisible barriers closed behind them. And how it can open doors in other areas of your life that you didn’t even realise were there.

Because you do deserve to have nice things and you don’t need to work harder to justify having them or taking time for yourself. You don’t have to feel trapped and bored and stuck simply because your friends or family or society keep telling you you have to live your life according to their expectations instead of your own. You just need someone to show you where the handle is.

So if reading about my little screen door mishap has made you realise that you keep bouncing off some invisible doors of your own, I invite you to book in for one of my free 15 minute Ask A Travel Coach chats and we can have a little conversation about how you can use travel to find the handles and open those doors. I promise you this is not a sales call and I will absolutely not pitch you anything during our 15 minutes. The 15 minutes I set aside for our chat is to focus solely on you and what you need to start taking action. Or we can laugh about that time you had your own mishap related epiphany, whichever you prefer. Click the link here to book:

May you always find the handle before your face finds the screen šŸšŖšŸ˜‚

About the Author Corinne Lennox

2014, year of the horse, of Taylor Swift telling us to Shake It Off, Frozen telling us to Let It Go and the year I decided to remain childfree. Hi, Iā€™m Corinne, founder of Bucket List Travel Coaching and that decision changed everything for me, leading me here today with my mission to empower other childfree travellers to ditch the overwhelm of going solo, all the planning and other people's opinions and finally book their dream trips with ease, confidence and completely on their own terms.

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