All the things I have available to help you in one handy dandy place

I love it when I don't have to click through all the menus on a website to find out what they have available to help me so here you go, all the things I have to help you in one handy dandy place. Whether you're looking for freebies or you want to take a peek at the services I have on offer to help you finally get your dream trip booked, it's all listed below. I've got 2 sections for you, Travel Things and Not Travel Things so if you're not quite ready to plan your bucket list trip yet, you can still be working on your goal setting skills or mapping out your best year yet to start prepping for when you are!

Travel Things

Top Ten Packing Essentials - Free

My Top Ten Packing Essentials guide will walk you through what you need to make sure you've packed all the important things for your next vacation. 

Ask A Travel Coach Express Zoom Call - Free

Free for a limited time. Jump on a 15 minute Zoom call with me for my Ask a Travel Coach Express Chat. Ask as many travel questions as you can in that 15 minutes. Grab it while it's still free!

Solo Travel Starter Kit - $27.00

My Solo Travel Starter Kit has everything you need to get started on your solo travel journey, taking you through things like what has been holding you back to how to create an action plan to actually get going. Imagine finally holding that ticket in your hand. 

Ultimate Travel Planner - $47.00

Don't start your next vacation feeling like chaos personified. Give yourself the gift of having a solid plan for all the things you need to do, buy and pack leading up to your holiday instead of worrying about where your phone charger is and if you've packed enough socks.

Ask A Travel Coach Private Zoom Call - $97.00

Whether you want to overcome obstacles like budgets, nerves or self doubt or you just want someone to bounce your travel ideas off, my Ask A Travel Coach 45 minute one-on-one session let's you do just that: ask an experienced travel coach all the questions you need to get booked. 

Let's Get It Booked Express Session - $497.00

During our Let's Get It Booked Express Session, we’ll be in touch over a 6 hour window Voxer to dive deep into all the steps you need to take to get your dream trip from bucket list to booked. Best of all, you don't need to clear an entire day in your schedule for this.

Let's Get It Booked Group Coaching - $497.00

Coming May 2024! Let's spend 6 weeks together in a supportive and judgement free environment with other like minded childfree travellers to finally get your dream trip from bucket list to booked. Click below for more info and to join the waiting list. 

Bucket List to Booked Private Coaching - $1997.00

My 6 week one-on-one private coaching where we work on what you personally need to get your dream trip from bucket list to booked. Click the link below to apply and I'll be in touch to have a chat about what you need and whether this coaching is a good fit for you. 

Not Travel Things

5 Easy Steps To Set Life Changing Goals - Free

This guide will give you the tools you need to jumpstart your ideal life and get you on your way to finally achieving those big, life changing goals you've always dreamed of.

Bucket List Success Guide - $27.00

If you feel like you've had the same bucket list forever or you keep adding things to it and never crossing anything off, I'm going to help you get started on a new journey today with my Bucket List Success Guide.

Best Year Yet Roadmap - $47.00

All of us hit that point in the year where you wonder what went wrong and want to start the whole year over again. Now you can with my Best Year Yet Roadmap. It's undated on purpose, so you can start your best year yet whenever you like.