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success stories

Succesful clients share their story

Lita D., Melbourne

I value myself and my time more now

Back when I met Corinne I was feeling very stuck and overwhelmed with where I was in my life and couldn’t figure out what I could do to change that. I was very unhappy and confused about what it was I actually wanted and needed to feel better about myself. I felt like I was drifting without any purpose, I was always putting other people first and my needs were overshadowed by everyone else’s.

I started working with Corinne and noticed changes in my life straight away. She helped me clarify what it is that I want out of life, set some goals, find the confidence to start getting them done and have fun while doing it. I have a whole new perspective on life. I value myself and my time more now. I find it so much easier to make decisions. I feel happier and more confident and like I can do anything and nothing is off limits.

Jennifer Rubio, Alexandria, VA.

I'm more optimistic about achieving my dreams

It only took a single session for Corinne to make an impact on my life. She was able to hone in on my personal motivations, determine what it is I really wanted, and offer me an action plan for getting started toward achieving that goal. Her advice was concrete and specific, and tailored to me alone. I saw immediate results: I am more focused, more organized, and more optimistic about achieving my dreams. I would highly recommmend Corinne to anyone who is thinking about coaching.