Why wait weeks to start booking your dream trip when you can get moving in less than a day?

Join me for a Let's Get It Booked Express Session using Voxer and we can start making your bucket list trip a reality today. 

How It Works

Voxer is a messaging app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages.

During our Let's Get It Booked Express Session, we’ll be in touch over Voxer to dive deep into all the steps you need to take to get your dream trip from bucket list to booked.

 Best of all, you don't need to clear an entire day in your schedule for this. 

Here's how a Let's Get It Booked Express Session works:


1. You choose a date for your Let's Get It Booked Express session:

You don’t need to free your calendar for this. A Let's Get It Booked Express Session is very busy-life friendly.

You just need to make sure you have enough time between your activities on the day to listen and reply to messages - as well as the mental space to process all the gems that will come up during our session and take notes so you can reflect later on. Take me to brunch with you, sit in your garden in your pyjamas. The amazing thing about Voxer is it's text and voice only so you don't need to worry about being camera ready!


2. We get you set up on Voxer.

If you don’t have a Voxer account, you’ll create one - it’s free.

We’ll add each other on Voxer, and you can send me a message in advance to tell me more about what's been stopping you from booking your dream trip. This way, we can dive right in when your day starts.


3. When the day of your Let's Get It Booked Session arrives, you’ll have access to me for a 6 hour window (exact start and end times will be determined by time zones)

Don’t worry - this isn’t a 6 hour non stop chat! You’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies.

We’ll be exchanging messages throughout the session at a steady yet relaxed pace.

The best thing about a Let's Get It Booked Express Session is that we have space in between messages for you to take action, think about what we've discussed without the pressure of an immediate response like in a video call, eat, drink, be merry, run to the shops, go for a walk, etc.

That’s part of what I love about a Let's Get It Booked Express Session and what makes them so effective. You get time to really think about what we've said and what action you'd like to take.

What can we talk about and accomplish during a Let's Get It Booked Express Session?

Great question, I would love to tell you. Here are some examples from past sessions:

- which dream destination they want to book for their first solo trip

- how to plan an itinerary for the time they have at their destination

- how to create a budget for their trip

- whether they want to travel truly solo or join a group trip

- how to schedule time in their day to book the things they need to book

- how to create an action plan to actually get their dream trip booked in the next 60 days

It’s also okay if you’re not sure what you want to talk about. Sometimes we just know what we need someone who's done all this before that we can bounce ideas off, right? That is exactly where I come in.

During your Let's Get It Booked Express Session, I’ll be digging deep, asking questions, and keeping us on track until we get to the core of what it is you need to get your dream trip planned and booked. One thing to keep in mind here though is that I'm not a licensed travel agent and so I won't be booking anything for you in this session or otherwise. It's more about designing your ideal trip and the practical steps you can take to finally get it booked. 

When you book a Let's Get It Booked Express session, what you’re really getting is…

Support from an experienced travel coach who uses practical methods to help people just like you stop feeling overwhelmed by all the planning, self doubt about going solo and other people's opinions. 

You'll leave our session with:

- clarity on what to do next

- confidence to take those next steps

- breakthroughs on exactly what YOU want your dream trip to look like

- an action plan to keep you on track

 - insights from a coach who’s really good at helping people figure out what it is they want on their dream trip and how to go and get it

Ready to book your Let's Get It Booked Express Session and start the journey to get your dream trip finally booked?

1. Click the button below to buy your Let's Get It Booked Express Session
2. Once you've purchased, follow the prompts to pick the date for your session
3. That’s it - I’ll see you on Voxer when it’s time!


(Psst my non Australian friends, as I'm an Aussie I'm charging in Aussie dollars so you may get even more of a discount because of exchange rates! I can't guarantee you will but you never know your luck!)

What my Clients Say

Lita Donelian

Melbourne, Australia

I started working with Corinne and noticed changes in my life straight away. She helped me clarify what it is that I want out of life, set some goals, find the confidence to start getting them done and have fun while doing it. I have a whole new perspective on life. I value myself and my time more now. I find it so much easier to make decisions. I feel happier and more confident and like I can do anything and nothing is off limits.

Jennifer Rubio

alexandria, va

It only took a single session for Corinne to make an impact on my life. She was able to hone in on my personal motivations, determine what it is I really wanted, and offer me an action plan for getting started toward achieving that goal. Her advice was concrete and specific, and tailored to me alone. I saw immediate results: I am more focused, more organized, and more optimistic about achieving my dreams.


What if we're in different timezones?

When you make your booking, you'll be booking in your time zone. This means, most time zones get at least a handful of hours of conversation during a Let's Get It Booked Express Session. Some clients may need to have their session over more than one day, but I'll confirm that when you're booking. 

None of the dates available work for me

Don’t worry. Shoot me an email at hello@corinnelennox.com and we’ll figure something out. 

What if I need to reschedule?

There will be a link to reschedule in your booking confirmation email. You are welcome to reschedule up to 6 hours before your appointment. If it's after that time and it's an emergency, I understand life happens. Shoot me an email at hello@corinnelennox.com and we'll figure something out. 

What kind of topic is not a good fit for a let's get it booked express session?

If you want to get woo woo, I'm not your gal. There are plenty of amazing woo woo practitioners out there but my methods are more on the practical side. Please also remember I am not a licensed therapist and this is not a therapy session, nor am I a licensed travel agent and so I won't be booking any travel on your behalf. If any topics stray into the mental health or legal realm, I will need to terminate the session for both our benefits. 

How much time is included in a LET'S GET IT BOOKED EXPRESS session?

You’ll have access to me for 6 hours on one day. Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean we’ll be communicating nonstop all that time!. That’s just the window during which we’ll be exchanging messages.

How available do I need to be over a let's get it booked express session?

During a Let's Get It Booked Express Session, we’ll be exchanging messages at a slow yet steady pace throughout the day. You’ll want to make sure you have enough time to listen and reply to messages and to take action, reflect on what we've discussed before you reply and jot down any breakthroughs you have. 

Is Voxer free?

Yes, it is. And it’s available for both mobile and desktop.

I have one more question before I book

Just shoot me an email at hello@corinnelennox.com and I’ll get back to you.